Women's National Tournament Team (NT)

This is the team that represents OREGON at the NATIONAL TOURNAMENT over Memorial Day Weekend each year.  It's the biggest college recruiting event of the year. The 2020 National Tournament will be held in Baltimore, MD at Johns Hopkins University. In addition the team will get the chance to watch the NCAA women's lacrosse finals at Towsen! Tournament Information LINK HERE.



Sunday, April 5th @ Jesuit High School

12:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Check-in begins at 12:00 pm




Tryouts: Please make sure you wear a white t-shirt to tryout with no logos and dark shorts. Do not wear any other item with a school logo on it. Bring all lacrosse gear, appropriate layers for the weather, snacks and water. Please arrive between 15-30 minutes prior to the start of tryouts. Tryouts will consist of approx. 2 hours of a warm-up, stations, running and end with a full length scrimmage. There will be breaks for water.


Once the team is selected, more information will follow.

The team will leave on Friday, May 22nd and return on Monday, May 25th.

There may be 1-2 practices held prior to the tournament and all players are expected to help run the t-shirt tent at the semi-final and final games.


Monday, May 18th @ Jesuit High School

Tuesday, May 19th @ Oregon City High School

Thursday, May 21st @ Jesuit High School


The approximate cost of the trip is $1100-$1400 (this includes everything except food and spending money).

Players can significantly reduce the cost through fundraising that OGLA and the National Team coaches will help with.


2020 Coaches -